There are many horse sports enthusiasts, not only in Australia but in other parts of the world. As such, they are most interested in the horse events that take place in different countries. When seeking out a country that puts a lot of emphasis on their equestrian sports, Australia would have to be close to the top of the list.

Being as this is such an important topic, we have dedicated an entire site to equestrian sports in Australia. We have done this for several reasons. One is to bring attention to the industry itself. The second reason is to make Australia the focus of this site because it has so much to offer by way of equestrian sports. Then another reason is that we wanted a ‘one-stop” resource to be available to those who were keen on learning more about what Australia contributes to the equestrian industry.

Equestrian sports are essential to the economy of a country, and this includes Australia. One of the advantages this country has is that several different equestrian categories play an essential role in the industry.

Site Highlights

Here you are going to find a whole selection of informative articles about interesting topics, as they relate to equestrian sports in Australia.

  • Categories of equestrian sports: One of the posts that we have here covers the different categories of equestrian sports that can be enjoyed in Australia. It shows how diversified the country is, with its sports in this category. We hope that visitors to this country will now realise that there is a lot of enjoyment to be had, by seeking out some of the various equestrian events while visiting here.
  • Business Tactics: With the post that covers this topic, we wanted to put some emphasis on the importance of equestrians sports as a business. It is the businesses of a country that strongly support its economy, and many companies can exist within the equine industry.
  • Foreign Involvement: It is only natural that Australia would draw attention from other parts of the world, because of its strong presence in equestrian sports. We wanted to bring attention to this, and have done so with our post that talks about foreign horses taking part in important equine events.

Some other exciting posts offer some interesting betting tips. Also, some well-deserved attention has been placed on dressage. No doubt you will find our article on enjoying horse races in Australia to be most informative.