There are many different sports to be enjoyed in Australia. Some of the them are equestrian sports. Within this category, there are several subcategories.

Keeping Informed

Both those that live in Australia as well as visit there have an opportunity to keep up with the latest news of a particular sport they are interested in. This way they are able to find out when specific events are up and coming or to find out more about the athletes that participate in them.


This type of riding is based on precision teamwork between horse and rider. The horse is highly trained to exhibit intricate moves which the athlete has to be highly skilled in giving the right commands at the right time.


Eventing is a combination of horse and rider participating in the showing of a combination of three events which are dressage, along with cross country and then show jumping.

Show Jumping

Show jumping is also a combination of events that incorporates dressage, hunter and equitation events.

Equestrian Vaulting

Spectators watching a performance in equestrian vaulting get the opportunity to see horses that are highly skilled in combining gymnastics and dressage in their performance.

Endurance Riding

Endurance riding is the showing of the skills and stamina of both horse and rider as they take on long distance racing.


This equestrian event comes under western showmanship with the rider directing the horse through a series of manoeuvres comprised of spins, circles and immediate stops.


Horses are controlled by riders with various disabilities with the horses performing dressage and driving based on the rider’s specific abilities.

Combined Driving

In these events, the horse is expected to pull a carriage while a team of four riders participate per carriage.

Horse Racing

Not only is there exciting horse racing events in Australia but there is an assortment of types. Such as flat racing, hurdle, steeplechase, maidens, and then class races.

There are plenty of different equestrian events to keep any horse enthusiast occupied as well as entertain the fans.

Australia is proud of the large range of equestrian events that they have to offer both the residents and visitors here. It means that there is always something exciting taking place within the industry. Events like horse racing not only support the equestrian industry, but they play an important role in the sports betting industry. Both of these are important to the Australian economy. These industries provide opportunities for new businesses to be formed as well as they provide a lot of employment opportunities.

They are an important form of entertainment and Australia is a country that puts a lot of attention on its equestrian sports in all categories. These sports are also good for tourism.