Many different types of equestrian sports take place in Australia. One of the most important ones is the horse racing category. However, dressage, along with many of the others, plays a vital role in this industry for the country as well.

Benefits to the Economy

Dressage events are one of the favourites in Australia. Which means they draw large crowds to their exhibitions and events. This supports the industry, which in turn helps to support the economy. A lot of the news media do their part in keeping the public informed as to upcoming events. It is essential that this category of horse events gets this type of support through media exposure.

What is Dressage?

Horses that participate in dressage events are trained to go through a series of complex movements. During this performance, the horse has to go through the three paces, comprised of the walk and the trot along with the canter. When doing each manoeuvre, the transition must be smooth and flawless.

Dressage Movements

One of the things that makes dressage so important is because it clearly shows what a horse trained in this is capable of doing. The movements they make are nothing less than amazing. These are comprised of:

  • Passage
  • Piaffe
  • Pirouette
  • Flying change
  • Lateral movement
  • Half-pass

Valuable Resource for Other Equestrian Events

Many believe that horses from other events that are trained in basic dressage can benefit significantly from this. It is because dressage requires so much discipline, which can be a useful attribute that can be used in other events.

The Dressage Rider

The horse can do its part in learning all the moves that are required in dressage, but if the rider is not able to give the cues, then it is not the horse that has failed. This event involves precision teamwork, from both the rider and the horse. It can be an essential activity for the rider, who themselves has to learn discipline.

Supports the Equine Industry

Having a category like dressage as part of the equine industry is essential for keeping it on the whole alive and diversified. Not everyone enjoys horse racing, but these people may enjoy the performances that horses are able to give.